DWDM Solution

DWDM Management
1. DWDM Component System consists from active and passive components:
Active components like, Amplifier, Preamplifier, Booster can be managed through SNMP
Passive components, like DCM (dispersion compensation module), Splitters can not be managed. The same for all vendors.
Through SNMP can managed next parameters: Input/Output Power levels, LOS, Alarms, Gain, Temperature. The same parameters available on Screen, locally.

2. DWDM Modules plug-in to Switch or Router (which is compatible with SFP/SFP+/XFP form- factor) Through Telnet can be managed next: – Tx/Rx power level, – Alarms, Errors, CRC – Packet counters, – Temperature. dwdm

Current situation


Current situation:
•2 Cities, distance 100km •Capacity 1 channel 10G (used SFP+/XFP 10G Modules extend reach) •Single or dual fiber system •Switches or routers for Traffic Switching
Challenges: •Not enough capacity. Need additional 1 or 2 more 10G Channels (20Gb/s or more) •Increase distance to 120km or more

Possible solutions

solution1Solution #1 To rent 1, 2 or more new optical fibers. •Each fiber for 1*10G Link •Usually additional optical fiber is not available •Or has high price Solution #2 To build new cable with optical fiber. •It takes long time, 3-12 monthsolution2 •Need a lot of government certifications, approvals. •Has high price.


Solutions comparance with other vendors


comparance2 comparance3 comparance4






DWDM Component Solution

Solution #5 (20G capacity for 100km)
DWDM Components Solution contains from:

  • 4 Channel Mux/Demux, DCM’s, Amplifiers, Boosters.
  • 2 pairs of DWDM Modules with 10G Clients
  • 3-4 Units in Rack, power consumption 100WAdvantages
  • Low price in compare with other vendors
  • Low power consumption, just 50-150W (depend from configuration)
  • Easy configuration
  • Possible usage of Tunable DWDM modules
  • Easy to extend for new 1G/10G/40G Channels (without traffic interruption)
  • Management though SNMP

DWDM Components

Solution #5
DWDM Components contains from:
• 4 Channel DWDM Mux/Demux, (could be Half Unit form-factor)
• DWDM DC (could be Half Unit form-factor)

  • DWDM Amplifier
  • DWDM Booste
  • 2 pairs of DWDM Modules with 10G Clients
  • Total 3-4 Units in Rack space, power consumption 100W





Possible Configurations

Possible Configuration

• System

–  Single Fiber DWDM System
–  Dual Fiber DWDM System
• Topology

–  Point to Point
–  Chain (combination of point to point)
–  Ring with protection of switching in case optical fiber cut (less than 50ms)
• Distances
– From 15 to 200km (and more)

• Network Capacity

–  from 2 to 40 channels (from 20Gb/s to 800Gb/s!)
–  Possible channels 1G/10G/40G, STM-1/STM-4/STM-16
• DWDM Modules

–  Fix Channel Wavelength
–  Tunable in full C range

General viewGeneral_view

How its look like:

There are:
Switches, Mux/Demux, DCM’s, Booster, Preamplifier,

We have successfully realized more than 40 DWDM Links: – 105km with 30G Capacity,
– 160km with 20G Capacity,
– 175km with 30G Capacity,

– 95km with 60G Capacity




Our offer

What we offer:

  • Data Analysis. From initial data, provide consultancy
  • DWDM Network Design (sample of calculation on this list below)
  • Specification for equipment
  • Delivery equipment and system commissioning/start up
  • Further network extension
  • Consultancy during maintenance