Multiplexer DCL MUX 300

Modular Multi-service Integrated Optical Transmission Multiplexer is a new product series of modular optical transmission equipment released by our company in adoption of modularized structure, supported with the company’s independently developed universal software platform, and in use of high-performance processor and bus technology, etc.

This series of modular optical transmission equipments can fully meet various more flexible and individualized user demands during networking, maintenance and escalation.

The Modular Multi-service Integrated Transmission Multiplexer adopts modularized structure and different interface modules (the total capacity provided is 8×E1) can be used with its 4 modular slots available based on networking requirements of different users, and different user requirements for application environment and business growth can be met through addition or replacement of interface modules. The equipment can cater to the network application of general scale.

The company will incessantly release new interface modules to keep pace with the growth of user business. As a manufacturer for networks and communications with independent intellectual properties, the company’s network products feature more advantages in security and networking flexibility.

Currently, along with the penetration of corporate business on network platform, user requirements have been ever changing at the same time. It has become the motivity and theme of user requirements for achieving continuous innovation on business supported by the latest network technologies. This series of modular transmission equipment has been recommended to adapt to this demand.

The modular multi-service integrated optical transmission multiplexer possesses a transmission capacity of 8 E1, wherein the first interface (I interface) provides four lines of E1 and the other four lines are freely distributed to the other three interfaces (II, III, IV) by software. In addition, it also provides four Ethernet interfaces to further satisfy the different user requirement. The equipment also provides various interface modules for voice, data and video services in cities and industrial districts. Its optional interfaces support multi-service transmission of large customers and customer groups such as MSEs, governmental organizations, schools and intelligent residential areas. Open and standard interfaces are applied to guarantee prompt interlinking of various devices.

The modular multi-service integrated transmission optical multiplexer family series integrates modular and strong functionalities, low in cost and convenient for use and expansion. Multi-protocol interfaces have been integrated in one device to facilitate multi-service access and transmission, able for connection with communication networks of an enterprise distributed in different parts. It has been proved to be applicable to all kinds of data, voice and video traffic applications in experiments of different China Mobile, China Unicom, China Netcom and army terminals. The modular multi-service integrated transmission optical multiplexer has been demonstrated to be applicable for various data, voice and video streams. The equipment can either be managed by centralized network agent or be managed by network management software as a single unit. It is also provided with HyperTerminal management function to facilitate the user to carry out site configuration with notebook computer.

Equipment Features

The modular multi-service integrated transmission optical multiplexer is created with optical path interoperability, flexible structure and modular design. Its function modules are independent of each other but easy for assembly, which enables it to derive a series of optical multiplexer products with multi-service interfaces. The equipment is furnished with four modular slots. According to the networking requirements of different users, various kinds of interface modules can be employed to accommodate to the requirements of different application environments. The equipment alsoprovides four lines of .10M/100M self-negotiating Ethernet interfaces to further satisfy the different user requirement.

  • 1+1 Optical Redundancy Backup: Protection of dual optical interface available to ensure that business will not be interrupted when one pair of optical fibers is confronted with failure.
  • Flexible Configuration: 4/5/6/7/8E1 optical multiplexers and multi-service interfaces are derivable from main system board and different functional modules, to meet different user requirements and customizations.
  • Various Functional Modules: User interface modules (E1, FE1, V.35, FXO/FXS, and RS232/RS485, etc.), order wire module, network management module, RS232 data channel module, alarm output terminal module, and switch quantity channel module etc. available.


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